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39: Frank “Gorilla Hulk” Molinaro on Mental Toughness, Visualization, and Mastery of a Technique



Frank Molinaro aka Gorilla Hulk is the 2012 NCAA Wrestling Champion, and a 4-time NCAA Division-I All-American; we talk about World Team Trials, last second victory, his day-to-day routine, diet, Vitamix, rehabbing injuries, sauna, cutting weight, leg killer video, cardio circuits, drilling, play wrestling, mastering a technique, 2011 NCAA finals match against Kyle Dake, wrestling the NCAA tournament through an injury, visualization, confidence, matches that haunt him, mental toughness, married life, coaching, and more.

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Video: What It Takes to Win a National Championship

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Frank on what it takes to win an NCAA championship:

“You can’t just want to win a national championship. You have to see it every day in your head. You have to expect it to happen. When I made it to my first national finals, I was going in with the attitude that I’m going to wrestle 100% and I was going to make it happen, and that’s not how you win at the highest level. So I changed my approach the year after. I visualized winning probably 100 times a day, wrote it down first thing in the morning, had it on my phone, had it on my walls, had it on my locker. So when it happened it wasn’t a crazy jump up and down reaction, it was something that I expected to happen. My junior year I can honestly say I didn’t expect it to happen. I thought it could happen. But there’s a huge difference between when you want something to happen and you truly 100% believe something is going to happen.”

Frank on what it takes to be a winner:

“What it comes down is how badly do you want to win and what you’re willing to do.”

Frank on losing:

“Losing is something that I’ll never be able to get used to. I take losses very seriously. Losing will put me into depression for two weeks. I question everything in my life. I question what the heck I’m doing. I did this wrong. I did that wrong. So, I know how painful losing is every time I step on the mat and how badly I want to win. The moment you start to tolerate losing, you’re not going to reach your potential.”



26: Fred Turoff on Saving Temple University Men’s Gymnastics



In episode 26, I talk with Fred Turoff, head coach of men’s gymnastics at Temple University, one of 16 D1 college gymnastics programs. He is in the US Gymnastics Hall of Fame as a coach. He is now coaching his 38th season, leading the team to be conference champions 18 of those years. We talk about the recent announcement that Temple will be eliminating 7 sports in 2014, men’s gymnastics being one of them. We talk about the unfortunate way in which the decision was made (behind closed doors, with no communication with the coaches) and announced (right before finals week). We also talk about gymnastics in general, the six events of men’s gymnastics, training methods, mindset, and much more. Please sign the petition and find other ways to help at templegymnastics.com.

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Video Excerpt


Fred talked at length about the various ways in which his program is a success regionally, financially, academically, and in giving to the community. Here’s a short random excerpt:

“Nobody engaged me as a coach and said ‘Look I have this financial problem, what can we do to help this?’ In terms of finances. When you look at the number of kids that are coming here for gymnastics and paying their own way. The total is more than the cost of my program. We pay for ourselves and we raise money. In terms of facility, although my facility here is not an ideal one when you compare it to the best schools, but we’ve been successful and we make do with what we have. According to the previous athletic director, we’ve been funded to compete well regionally. I think 18 of 37 conference championships is competing very well regionally.”


22: Olympic and NCAA Wrestling with Charlie Neely and Chris Romanchick



In episode 22, I talk with Charlie Neely and Chris Romanchick about freestyle, Greco-Roman, folk-style wrestling, Olympics, 2013 World Championships, Dan Gable, John Smith, Cael Sanderson, coaching high school wrestlers, the stacked 165 lbs division with Kyle Dake, David Taylor, Jordan Burroughs, Andrew Howe, “The Losses of Dan Gable” by Wright Thompson, Brent Metcalf, red shirt years, new wrestling rules, women in wrestling, changes to weight classes, cutting weight, rule sets in wrestling and jiu jitsu, and much more.

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Charlie on his approach to coaching high school wrestlers:

“There’s no getting around the fact that I’m going to be pushing them, and they’re going to be working hard. I’ve learned over the years that wrestling is fun. I didn’t always know that. I didn’t realize it until later in life. I’m hoping to be able to communicate that to the kids and show them how wrestling can be fun. I think it’s all too easy to get caught up in the weight management part of the sport and the grind nature of the sport and the pressure that comes from competing or from parents.”

Chris on the value of wrestling or jiu jitsu in developing young minds:

“I think some of the best lessons you learn in life are lessons you learn on the mat, be it jiu jitsu or be it wrestling. It’s just honest, it’s real.”

Taking something  Charlie said completely out of context:

“Russia is #1.”