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14: James Vincent on Police Work, Survival, and Always Having a Plan


take-it-uneasy-james-chiarielloIn episode 14, Josh Vogel and I talk to James Vincent, a BJJ black belt and a police officer,  about police work, Survivorman Les Stroud, Ray Mears, MovNat, Exuberant Animal, gun control, fear vs panic, little guy jiu jitsu, Norwegian heavy water sabotage, boredom, survival as a choice and as a necessity, hiking, climbing trees, kettlebells, CrossFit, the rule of threes, rotisserie chicken, and much more.

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Video Clips


James on fear vs panic in police work:

“You can work with fear, it’s when you panic… If you panic, that’s going to cloud your judgement, and that could get your hurt. It’s okay to have fear, and still be working with that fear, knowing that you have a job to do: you have to accomplish the goal at hand.”

Josh on the importance of respecting nature:

“You can’t say ‘f*** the fridge’ and still expect to get food out of it.”

Josh on your technique being a reflection of who you are physically and mentally:

“You can’t isolate somebody’s technique from their natural attributes… You have your techniques, and you have your attributes that hopefully support those techniques.”


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3: A Riddle Within a Riddle


badwater-ultramarathon-runnersIn episode 3, Lex and Josh talk about the ultramarathon runner Dean Karnazes, the many different flavors of Josh Vogel, twitter stardom, burning off excess pain, MovNat, learning new languages, handstands in French, levels of immersion, Josh’s birthday, John Danaher, Royce Gracie, skating in the 90s, Thrashin’, True Romance, Steve Plyler’s black belt hair, money in sports, a “fight is never over”, catch wrestling, Salt n  Pepa, nut butters, flow rolling, etc.

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