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34: Rafe Kelley on Parkour, Nature, Play, and Evolution



Rafe Kelley is a movement teacher, one of the top parkour coaches in the world, creator of the Evolve Move Play method; we talked about the origins of parkour, fear of injury, what is “fun”, the monkey dance, lifting heavy rocks for building grips, arguing with people on the internet, masculine and feminine virtues, theory of evolution, getting punched in the face, the future, his dad, SunRay Kelley’s philosophy on architecture and life, etc.

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Excerpt on YouTube: Parkour and Fear

Full Audio of Interview on YouTube


Rafe on the importance of having fun in practice:

“In the fitness world, there’s less emphasis on fun. It’s more about guns and abs. We try to shame people about their bodies and motivate them through asthetics. That works for some people. But for most people that are able to maintain their health and fitness through life are people that find something that the love in movement. Whether it’s rock climbing or surfing or skiing or parkour or jiu jitsu. There’s something that appeals to their sense of play.”

Rafe on the importance of getting out and experiencing the world:

“If you’ve never been in a fist fight, you’ll be extremely frightened in a confrontation. So I think giving people an outlet to express these fears is an important part of play. It’s rough housing that sometimes turns into little scuffles. We are too quick to break these up, when actually they are often an important part of the growing process.”