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34: Rafe Kelley on Parkour, Nature, Play, and Evolution



Rafe Kelley is a movement teacher, one of the top parkour coaches in the world, creator of the Evolve Move Play method; we talked about the origins of parkour, fear of injury, what is “fun”, the monkey dance, lifting heavy rocks for building grips, arguing with people on the internet, masculine and feminine virtues, theory of evolution, getting punched in the face, the future, his dad, SunRay Kelley’s philosophy on architecture and life, etc.

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Excerpt on YouTube: Parkour and Fear

Full Audio of Interview on YouTube


Rafe on the importance of having fun in practice:

“In the fitness world, there’s less emphasis on fun. It’s more about guns and abs. We try to shame people about their bodies and motivate them through asthetics. That works for some people. But for most people that are able to maintain their health and fitness through life are people that find something that the love in movement. Whether it’s rock climbing or surfing or skiing or parkour or jiu jitsu. There’s something that appeals to their sense of play.”

Rafe on the importance of getting out and experiencing the world:

“If you’ve never been in a fist fight, you’ll be extremely frightened in a confrontation. So I think giving people an outlet to express these fears is an important part of play. It’s rough housing that sometimes turns into little scuffles. We are too quick to break these up, when actually they are often an important part of the growing process.”



30: Brad Court and Tim Carpenter on the Big Bang Theory, Mental Toughness, Steroids, Injury and Health Insurance



In episode 30, I talk with Brad Court and Tim Carpenter about injury, surgery, health insurance, steroids in combat sports, witch burning, a one-legged wrestler, science, Neil deGrasse Tyson, the Big Bang theory, evolution, Louis CK, God, Kron Gracie, Scotty Nelson, Open Mat Radio, the Save Jiu Jitsu movement, Paramount BJJ, coaching, fear, competition mindset, and more.

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Tim Carpenter showing a bit of skepticism about the overly simplistic theory of the Big Bang:

“The problem with science is that it’s done by people. There’s no way around that. So it’s all got a little bias in there.”

Tim Carpenter on sport jiu jitsu:

“I like berimbolo. I like doing that stuff when I’m training. The problem is: those moves don’t work on an unskilled opponent. You try to do the berimbolo on a white belt, it probably won’t work. It only works on guys that will give you a high level reaction. You can practice berimbolo all you want, but what are you going to do when a guy just punches you in the face. Next thing you know you have a guy in your half guard, and he is biting your cheek.”

Brad on submission-only tournaments:

“A lot of people are afraid to get submitted. I don’t know how else to explain why all these submission-only tournaments are so small.  Because that’s the most prestigious thing to me. If you submit everyone in your weight division, that’s the ultimate.”

Brad on self-defense and street jiu jitsu:

“The problem is there are people starting jiu jitsu with their foundation being berimbolo. The foundation has to be in self defense.”

Brad on cornering Tim’s first fight:

“He said that one of the first things he thought when he was in there is: ‘Why am I doing this?'”

Tim on a part of him wanting to enforce the requirement of fighting for receiving a black belt:

“If I’m ever going to give a black belt out, the person has to go out and get into a fight.”

Tim on giving good book recommendations to Brad:

“All the great things in Brad’s life have come from me.”

Brad on a way to approach competition that removes some of the pressure of winning:

“I try to remind my students and myself is that getting better is more important than winning, especially when you’re at white belt, blue belt, purple belt, brown belt.”

Brad on being realistic, but doing everything with conviction:

“Do everything you do with conviction. If you’re going to shoot a double leg, shoot a double leg, blast through them. Don’t think ‘watch out for the guillotine. That’s different than being over-confident. To me ‘over-confident’ is a guy who didn’t train properly.”