8: Brothers in Jiu Jitsu with Drew and Josh Vogel


josh-vogel-drew-vogel-ricardo-migliarese-phil-migliareseIn episode 8, I talk to the Vogel brothers (Josh and Drew) about going from white belt to black belt together, training at Balance, competing, training with Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, teaching, the loss of their mom, support from Brian Cimins of Grapplers Quest, Rafael  and Guilherme Mendes, Tom and Terry Brands, the evolution of “basic” jiu jitsu, etc.

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8 thoughts on “8: Brothers in Jiu Jitsu with Drew and Josh Vogel”

  1. Your best episode yet: I’ve enjoyed Josh Vogel’s blog for a while, so it was very interesting to get more insight into his thoughts on jiu jitsu. The teaching approach discussed by both Josh and Drew makes me keen to check out their classes if I’m ever in Philadelphia. :)

    1. Thanks man. They teach on Monday and Wednesday nights if you’re ever in Philly. Lots of good details on basic techniques, I love their classes.

  2. Thanks guys: I’ll definitely take you up on that if I’m ever in your neck of the woods. There’s a bunch of cool people I’d like to visit in Philadelphia, so hopefully I’ll make it in the not-too-distant future (my next trip to the US will be in April 2014, around Texas, Virginia and Florida. Not sure when I’ll head across the Atlantic again after that, but when I do, I’ll aim for New York, Philadelphia and wherever else I can fit in. :) ).

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