27: Chris Round on Climate Change Science and Policy, Balancing Sport and Study



In episode 27, I talk with Chris Round about judo, balancing sport and study, the science and policy of climate change, his work at the School for Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University, growing up with asperger syndrome, training under Jimmy Pedro, conditioning, groundwork, harai goshi, Team Force, the science of global warming, scientific consensus and public opinion on climate change, Naomi Oreskes, evolution in schools debate, industry funded doubt, China, fossil fuel consumption, the motivation of the scientific community, empathetic messaging, being open to the possibility of being wrong, etc.

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Chris talks about focusing on being prepared:

“If you do everything right leading up to a tournament. You handled your weight correctly. You trained hard. You did everything right. If you go out there and you lose, and you did everything right to get there, then how the hell can you be a loser?”

Chris on balancing judo and study:

“I’ve managed to finally strike a balance through a lot of practice at striking a balance, a lot trial and error.”

Chris’s advice on putting a lot of effort into building a habit of study and training:

“It’s really easy at the end of a long day to say: ‘Alright, I’m taking practice off.’ The first three weeks are key. It’s establishing habits more than anything. First three weeks of a semester or first three weeks of getting back on the horse in training, you have to chuck a lot of mental energy at making sure you go to everything.”

Chris on why climate change is often such a device topic of conversation:

“I think a lot of people fuse (political issues) with their identity and what makes them a good person. And when you attack an idea related to that issue they are not taking it as a rational discussion. They are taking it as: ‘You’re attacking me as a person. You’re attacking my identity.'”


2 thoughts on “27: Chris Round on Climate Change Science and Policy, Balancing Sport and Study”

  1. Loved the judo portion of the podcast. Some things come to my mind regarding the whole global warming discussion:
    1. There are more than a few very well respected climate scientists who refute the stance of your guest. Look around…you will find their opinions and research published. Do not confuse consensus among scientists with solid defendable theory. There was consensus that the earth was flat (even though there was solid mathematical evidence to the contrary)…there was consensus that blood letting would make a patient healthier….the list goes on….
    2. There is huge money in this area. Many scientists are getting rich because of this issue. As the old saying goes…follow the money. Why wouldn’t they want to continue to cry doom and gloom if it promised a lucrative career?
    3. If the stance of your guest turns out to be correct, we need to come up with a good way to fix it. Again, many climate and economic specialist at the time agreed that the Kyoto protocol alluded to in the interview would never have had and effect on world wide CO2 levels AND would most likely have had a devastating effect on the U.S. economy.

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