17: Niko and Lex Talk a Little Judo



In episode 17, I talk “a little judo” (for 90 minutes) with my comrade and judo mastermind Niko Dax. Our conversation is always full of opinions, disagreements, and Russian accents. We talk about Teddy Riner, Ilias Iliadis visit to the United States, judo in Kansas, AAU freestyle judo, being a big fish in a small pond, Nick Delpopolo, Travis Stevens, Kayla Harrison, Ole Bischof, financial support of American judoka, and much more.

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Niko on one of the many reasons Ilias Iliadis is already judo legend at the young age of 26.

“Iliadis is amazing because he has major wins in four different weight classes: at 73kg, 81kg, 90kg, and 100kg.”

Niko on the challenge of training without a nation-wide system that supports judo:

“If Travis Steven or Nick Delpopolo win a bronze medal in the next Olympic games, that medal will have much more value than a gold medal by any Russian player, because that bronze medal will be won despite (the lack of financial support).”

Niko on money and happiness:

“Money won’t buy you happiness… unless you don’t have money.”


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6 thoughts on “17: Niko and Lex Talk a Little Judo”

  1. I absolutely love the podcast, but I’m not sure that I’m up for another round with Niko. His insight is great, his accent is badass, but the nonstop negativity really sucks the life out of the show. He might have the credentials to critique the technique of high level competitors, but he has no business questioning the mindset of guys like Travis Stevens.

    1. Thanks Kurt! Niko is a passionate dude, and so we can get carried away sometimes. But he has a ton of respect for Travis, and I’m sure you know that Travis is probably my favorite judoka currently competing. But I see your point and we’ll be more respectful in the future. I myself don’t like listening to podcasts that have too much negativity, so we’ll work on balancing it out.

  2. Since on the subject of constructive critism….I think you should make an effort to decrease the foul langauge sometimes used on the show. You are limiting your audience. I will not let my 14 year old listen since there have been times when the language is obscene for no reason at all. I don’t mind foul language in the context of a discussion that requires it, but most of the time, the colorful language does not add anything to your discussion and only limits your audience. I have never heard of anyone that stopped listening to a podcast because the pocast stopped using foul words. I like your show…keep it up. Also, the name “Take it Uneasy” is awesome.

    1. Thanks for the compliments and the suggestion. It’s something I think about, but not because of the audience size. At the end of the day, the number of people that listen is not a goal. I want to get at something honest and inspiring, even if it’s dark and vulgar at times. Excessive swearing is something I don’t want to have, but at the same time I want the people I talk to be open and real, and swearing often helps facilitate that, since that’s how we talk in normal life without mics in our faces. Some episodes have no swears at all, and some have a ton of them, just as in any simple conversation. I’ll keep an eye out, and make sure the swearing is not excessive.

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