About the Podcast


“Take It Uneasy” is a podcast with elite athletes, academics, and regular folks about challenge, fear, and happiness in all aspects of life.

The podcast name is based on a 2006 article in Nature on ultramarathon runners.

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So far, we have three regulars: Josh VogelTim CarpenterLex Fridman. Josh is a jiu jitsu instructor. Tim is a jiu jitsu instructor and professional fighter. Lex is a recreational judo/bjj competitor and researcher in computer science.

2 thoughts on “About the Podcast”

  1. Hi guys,

    Just listened to episode 33: Marco Perazzo and Tim Carpenter on the Ideal Life, Loss, Expansion of the Universe, Gambling, and the 48 Laws of Power and WOW. Really great episode!!

    How do you choose your guests?

  2. Thank you guys for some really interesting podcasts. I discovered the, just this week and I have already listened to several of them. I am a blue belt in bjj from Sweden (now living in the Canary Islands, Spain) and have a previously done Crossfit and have since discovered Natural Gymnastics and “mixed movement arts”.

    I am looking forward to new episodes.


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